Teamforce Pro

Teamforce Pro is a powerful and robust AppExchange managed application that integrates Teamwork Projects with Salesforce CRM seamlessly

What It Does

Sync Teamwork Projects, Milestones, and Tasks directly in Salesforce. One way sync from Teamwork Projects to Salesforce allows you to bring Teamwork Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Task Lists, and Sub-Tasks in Salesforce and have a single view of all of your projects related activities in Salesforce. It is now easier to visualize and track Teamwork projects in Salesforce and associate those with account or opportunity or any custom object records.


#1 Single view of clients' project related activities in Salesforce
#2 Simplified view of Teamwork Projects in Salesforce
#3 Improved productivity & more visibility of team
#4 Reporting on combined data of Salesforce and Teamwork
#5 Cost effective - Only cost related to installation
#6 Optionally customizable

Key Features

Bi-directional and Real-time Sync

Real-time and bi-directional integration in between two cloud applications - Salesforce and Teamwork

Sync Milestones & Track Progress

Seamlessly intgreate Teamwork Projects Milestones with Salesforce and track progress from Salesforce

Sync Tasks & Sub-Tasks Summary

Track all the Tasks belong to Teamwork Projects, calculate remaining tasks, and % of completed tasks

360 View from Account/Opportunity

Sync Milestones/Tasks directly in Salesforce and associate with Account/Opportunity/Custom Object records

Track Completed Projects

Quickly identify completed Teamwork projects including time to complete and average project time

Work in Progress Projects

Identify Teamwork projects with status as "Active" including start date and end date

Archived Projects

Track Teamwork Projects status directly in Salesforce and Identify if projects are archived or cancelled

Measure Projects Timeline

Measure Teamwork projects timeline by total number of days or number of weeks and compare with general average

Integrate Teamwork Projects with Salesforce

An AppExchange App that connects Teamwork Projects and Salesforce Seamlessly

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